Jason & Elizabeth, the owners, are getting married on 9/8/17! All orders placed after 8/25 will be processed after they return from their honeymoon on October 1st. No rush orders will be available until then.

Getting Married!

Sept 8, 2017.

Most of you don't know but Elizabeth and Jason are getting married in less than a month! As one of the leading couples in sparkling shoes for weddings and events, its a no brainer than they will be using their own talents for their own wedding!

Both the bride and her bridesmaids will be wearing Princess Pumps on the big day. The bride has chosen two different pairs of shoes for the day; a pair of heels for the ceremony and a pair of Vans Lo Pros for the reception. You know, dancing shoes!

Let's begin with the dancing shoes. Why should any bride be in so much pain during the reception that shoe has to kick her shoes off in order to participate in the festivities? Vans are a cute alternative to heels. The ones below are about to become something truly unique.

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