Honeymoon Sparkle Pt. 1

Honeymoon Sparkle Pt. 1

Honeymooning immediately following the wedding seems to be less and less likely these days. The rigors of modern adultizim seen to pull couples back from being free spirited. These days most couple will plan their honeymoon within a year of the wedding date. Jason and Elizabeth are bringing back the fantasy honeymoon! Less than one week after tying the knot, the happy couple will be off to the east coast for 14 days of fun, adventure and love. 

Which begs the question, what should you bring on the honeymoon? Since this is a trip of a lifetime, its a no brainer that your wardrobe be as stunning as you are. Take these adorable Vans for example. Purchased on sale at the local mall, these rather unexciting shoes can be turned into a sparkly masterpiece that nobody else in the world has. Don't you want to stand out on your honeymoon?

Purchasing the 'Send Us Your Own' shoes option will absolutely guarantee that you would have the only pair of its kind anywhere. Turning these clearance shoes into a work of art is as simple as a little creativity and inspiration. Layered with a new fabric called 'Rainforest Green'. These dull shoes are now a sparkle masterpiece. Guaranteed to rake in the compliments with every outing. 

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