Albuquerque Little Theatre Face Mask

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Support Albuquerque Little Theatre by showing off your love of their theatre in this one of a kind, super comfortable mask!

Masks are a double layered cotton material in the color of your choice.

The ALT logo is made with the color of your choice, whether that be matte, metallic or glitter!

These are all 100% locally made by hand here in Albuquerque. 

The optional metal nosebands are sewn into the masks themselves and are not visible on the outside! This is a great add on to help keep your mask in place when you are talking and also helps keep your glasses from fogging up!

Select your choice of adjustable elastics or a single ribbon tie.

- Ribbons vs Elastics? -

Ribbons - Each mask is tied by a single wrap around 45" inch satin ribbon that is both stylish and removable for cleaning. This option is ideal for times when you will be wearing your mask for a long time to keep them tight to your face, while maintaining maximum comfort. They are also able to be customized with a large variety of colors and can be swapped out for your own elastics later if you would like!

Elastics- These are made with a soft spandex. They are available in multiple colors, so we will match your elastics to the closest color that we have available. They come with a comfortable silicone toggle which make them adjustable. This style is ideal for days when you plan to remove and put on your mask a number of times, like going out to eat for example.