About Us

2009 -- Where it all began: In February 2009, as the first signs the economy was beginning to decay Jason found himself in a position where he needed to find additional income to be able to pay the monthly bills. He started out seeking additional employment, but soon found himself realizing that the situation was quickly becoming dire as companies were not hiring and he would have to look for alternate options in the meantime.

With a heavy heart, he began to place items on eBay. Digging through the closet he discovered props and costumes that had accumulated from various student films and theater productions over his college years. There were some vintage 50’s dresses and a pair of hand made Sequin Shoes all gathering dust. He figured the dresses were going to be an easy sell, but the shoes he wasn’t too sure about as they were made for a one-night performance and were (in his opinion) far from a quality product.

After a week the dresses sold as expected, but to his surprise there had also been an inquiry on the shoes. It was someone looking for a keepsake to give her daughter as a graduation gift since she had played Dorothy in a high school production of the "Wizard of Oz" that year. As the shoes being sold were too big she asked if they could be made in a smaller size. After agreeing to make the pair in her size he dug out the sequin roll that was purchased for the original pair and purchased some more rhinestones from the craft store to be able to complete the new pair. As he painstakingly glued one strand at a time into the pumps he had what can best be described as a “light-bulb” moment. What if he were to start selling these full time for the additional income that he needed? Researching online, he discovered nobody was selling Custom Sequin Shoes. This was the answer! And so he began to list shoes and people began to find him.

2013 -- Jason met Elizabeth!

2014 --Elizabeth began becoming more involved with the process. She started learning how to make the shoes, checking the inventory and systems and sending the packages. She began experimenting with glitter and rhinestone options on the shoes which we began to incorporate in as options and they started to sell to great reviews.

2015 -- At the beginning of the year the company's sales reached the point where upgrading it from a sole proprietorship to a LLC became a necessity. (Which was great news for us.) It was also growing to where Jason could not do all of the work by himself anymore and was able to hire Elizabeth as a part time employee. Since Jason also still works in the film industry here in Albuquerque Elizabeth was soon placed in the position of managing the company in his absence in the spring months. This came with it's own learning curve, but also helped the company grow in a lot of ways.

In September Jason proposed and Elizabeth said yes!

2016 --  Once again this was a year of growth where Elizabeth was placed in charge of managing the company while Jason was on set for months at a time. There were many expansions to the line of items, including several new name brands, more glitter colors and additions to the sequin color options.  Princess Pumps added a new name to it's collection, "Dazzle Kicks" with the same products, but more options and more colors than ever!

2017 -- This year was spent much the same as the previous year, but with the added pressure of planning the wedding and honeymoon! 
*On September 8th Jason and Elizabeth were married.* 
They then took their honeymoon from 09/13-09/27. 
They appreciated the overwhelming support and well wishes from their customers along with the patience and understanding on the delay of the orders around this amazing 2 week time frame of their life.

We look forward to many more years of adding sparkle to the world one shoe at a time!